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Affordable, cool roofing that does not sacrifice traditional aesthetics…

Landmark Solaris™ from CertainTeed Roofing is a brilliant energy-saving breakthrough that puts cool roof technology to work.  Landmark Solaris is a steep-slope, solar reflective asphalt roofing shingle which contains advanced colored granules that reflect the suns rays and can reduce a roofs temperature by as much as 20% in the summer.

As an advanced hybrid roofing material, Landmark Solaris combines the traditional beauty of asphalt shingles with the ecological benefits of cool-roof technology.  The result is a long-lasting ENERGY STAR® rated product.

Blending ecological technology and innovative performance, Landmark Solaris roofing is more durable than traditional shingles. The reflective technology reduces “thermal shock,” the expansion and contraction of exterior building materials.

  • Rated by the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) for cool roofs and meets the California Title 24 requirements for cool steep slope roofing
  • Solaris shingles may qualify for credits/points in LEED®, NAHB® and other “green” programs
  • All colors meet ENERGY STAR standards for solar reflectance and thermal emissivityThis roofing product qualifies for an energy tax credit of up to $1500 under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.  For more information, visit the CertainTeed Energy Tax Credit page.

Technical Information:

  • Two-piece laminated fiber glass-based construction
  • 300 lbs. per square
  • UL Class A fire resistance
  • UL certified to meet ASTM D3462
  • UL certified to meet ASTM D3018 Type I
  • Conforms to CSA standard A123.5
  • Meets California Title 24 requirements for reflectance and emittance
  • Meets ENERGY STAR® requirements

Green Information:
You don’ t have to go white to go green.

      Using cool roofing technology has been recognized as one of the easiest, most cost-effective ways of lowering energy consumption.  But until now, going green meant going white.While white is naturally reflective, Landmark Solaris’ innovative technology puts color where white used to be and produces a shingle that reflects solar energy.Landmark Solaris forms a barrier between the sun and your energy bills with a solar reflective shingle that can reduce your roof’s temperature in the summer.  And that means lower energy costs and greater savings over the life of your roof.Landmark Solaris is ecologically smart, beautifully durable, and architecturally ideal for sunny climates or anywhere solar heat is a challenge.

So cool, it’s rated for rebates.

Landmark Solaris shingles are ENERGY STAR® qualified roofing products that meet both solar reflectance and thermal emissivity requirements.  The passage of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of February 17, 2009 enables homeowners to receive up to a $1,500 tax credit if they install specific energy efficient products that carry an ENERGY STAR rating.

Landmark Solaris are also rated by Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) for cool roofs and meets California’s Title 24 requirements for cool steep slope roofing.

Why settle for a copy when you can afford an original?

      The Landmark Series

    may well be among the most versatile laminated shingle collection ever produced.

Landmark 50, Landmark 40 and Landmark 30 were all designed to evoke the depth and random surface variation of natural roofing materials. The result is a laminated shingle that defies expectation and inspires imitation.
Landmark shingles now feature a new, enhanced appearance with a soft shadowline. This gives the shingles a smoother, more refined look. A look that is both striking and classical, in short, a look that is captivating—and commanding.

Certain Teed also offers Landmark TL. A shingle that proudly boasts a lifetime limited warranty, including protection against winds up to 110 mph and 15-year algae protection. If you are looking for a shingle with dramatic looks and unbeatable strength, you simply cannot beat Landmark TL.

Your Landmark™ Color Palette”

Burnt Sienna

Heather Blend

  Cobblestone Gray

 Hunter Green

  Colonial Slate



Resawn Shake

Georgetown Gray

Weathered Wood