WeatherGuard Plus 4 Woodland Premium Siding


WeatherGuard Plus 4 Woodland features an exceptional color selection designed to give homeowners the freedom to create their ideal home exterior. In addition to 11 of our most popular standard colors, WeatherGuard Woodland  is also available in 14 deep, rich, UV resistant colors from the Colorscapes™ collection

Whatever your color selection, from the darkest color to the lightest tone, WeatherGuard Woodland keeps home’s looking like new. A statement we back with a powerful color retention warranty. Pitcher Perfect is also proud to state that all our colors are lead free and made with safe, family friendly materials. 

Add a distinctive touch with Board & Batten vertical siding
For homeowners interested in an accent panel or in creatively exploring design options with vertical siding, Board & Batten is an excellent choice. Because of the vertical configuration, the panels make wall surfaces look higher. 

Revolutionary color technology combines Luran® S ASA, BASF’s premium color-fast thermoplastic, with Royal’s innovative Royalside™ Compound and Dura Technology™ Process  

· Provides industry leading UV resistance and fade protection  

· Weatherable thermoplastic blocks out the sun to protect dark colors, providing homeowners with a wider color selection  




WeatherGuard Woodland panels measure 16′ 4″, which makes them easier to install with up to 30% fewer laps. Featuring a low-gloss, cedar woodgrain finish, WeatherGuard Woodland panels come in two distinctive profiles and 15 popular shades, for a cladding system that will enhance the beauty of any home. 


Any installer will see the structural and performance advantages of this sturdy and practical innovation. Your end product will be a crisper, cleaner and tighter fitting siding.


The Windlok 240 feature has been tested to hold secure in winds of up to 240 mph with no wind flap, shifting or tearaway. It’s a sure way to get a grip on bad weather. 




Manufactured using our exclusive Dura Technology™ process with Dura™ Color Protection.  

Produced with Royal’s proprietary Royalside™ compound. 

3/4″ projection for increased shadow lines. 

Unique longer-length panels (16′ 4″ as opposed to 12′). 

A rich and naturally beautiful low-gloss cedar woodgrain finish. 

Two distinctive profiles available in 11 standard colors and 14 UV resistant Colorscapes colors (Board & Batten profile also available.) 

Will not conduct electricity.  

Cost-effective; virtually maintenance-free cladding system. 

Unbeatable lifetime non-prorated fully transferable to lifetime non-prorated limited warranty covering material and labor. 


Highly durable vinyl siding that exceeds industry impact standards while providing a lifetime of performance; virtually maintenance-free.  

Will not dent, peel, rust, flake or corrode. 

Enhances the architectural appeal of your home. 

Reduces laps by as much as 30%. Also reduces the number of panels needed to complete the job, thereby saving you money.  

Provides that freshly painted look, year after year. 

Enhances the curb appeal and architectural design of your home.  

Safer, no grounding required.  

Increases the value of your home. 

Provides you with a lifetime of protection for your investment as well as with peace of mind for as long as you own your home. 

Standard Colors


Colorscapes Collection Premium Colors 


Profiles and Specs.
Product Profile Specification
Double 4½ Traditional
Pieces per carton – 16
Length per piece – 16′ 4″ / 4.98m
Squares per carton – 2 / 18.58m2
Approx. wt. per carton – 109 lb/49 kg
Product code – RWD45 Available in all colors. 
Double 4½ Designer    


Pieces per carton – 16
Length per piece – 16′ 4″ / 4.98m
Squares per carton – 2 / 18.218m2
Approx. wt. per carton – 111 lb/50 kg
Product code – RWD45D Available in all colors. 
Board & Batten
Woodgrain Finish          

Pieces per carton – 17
Length per piece – 10′ / 3.05m
Squares per carton – 1 / 9.29m2
Approx. wt. per carton – 56 lb/25 kg
Product code – RWBB Not available in Beige, Heather, Driftwood, Champagne,
Sunflower, Mountain Blue, Chesapeake Green,

Charcoal Gray and Hampton Blue.

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